Benefits of Certification

  • Professional Growth

    Uniting BTM job profiles toward more flexible career paths, allowing professionals to grow through more diverse functions within corporate IT businesses. Establishes a professional standard and peer cohort so as to continue to drive quality and innovation in business technology management.

  • Formalize Your BTM Skill Set

    Formalizes the BTM Body of Knowledge (BTM BOK), integrating in a coherent framework of several leading business, technology, and management certifications. Provides a common language and level of competence of BTM practitioners for those organizations seeking to recruit, contract or outsource BTM services.

  • Expand Your Career Opportunities

    Provides continuity between traditional corporate IT and various roles throughout the IT industry and community. Provides a mechanism for individual career development and for organizations to utilize as an internal professional development assessment tool.

  • Promote Your Specialized Skill Set

    Enables individual practitioners to differentiate themselves in terms of competence and specialization.

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